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SetupFactory 9.5.3 does not work with /STDOUT

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  • SetupFactory 9.5.3 does not work with /STDOUT

    I am launching SF 9.5.3 from a 32-bit console application with /STDOUT parameter and wizard build turned off, on Windows 10 64-bit machine. SF does not generate output to stdout.

    Command line is: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Setup Factory 9\SUFDesign.exe" /BUILD "D:\XXX_ActiveX_v4_x86.suf" /STDOUT

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    The output to STDOUT is working perfectly, but apparently you are unable to capture it properly. Here are just two examples showing that the build progress is indeed sent to the STDOUT.

    1. Building a project on the command prompt and sending the STDOUT to a text file:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	SCRN-2021-04-15-03.png
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    2. Using a Visual Build to run Setup Factory and show the build log in the IDE:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	SCRN-2021-04-15-02.png
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ID:	306820

    So no, there is no error in Setup Factory here.



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      Hi Ulrich,

      To demonstrate the problem I am uploading a video, two attempts, same command line.

      In first attempt nothing is shown on standard cmd.exe Windows 10 console.
      On second attempt I additionally output to a file as per your example above.

      The output to the file is captured but not the output to console.
      The machine is a build server and we are not having any similar issues with other build scripts.

      Kind regards,



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        Data sent to the STDOUT stream is not sent to the console of cmd.exe: As you may have noticed, the prompt returns immediately when you build, while SUFDesign.exe still works in the background.
        This is happening by design, and not an error of Setup Factory. If you want to capture the data sent to STDOUT, you need to pipe the stream, and wait for the program to finish. For example, run SUFDesign.exe with popen(), and you will be able to capture the standard output.
        This would be similar to piping the output on the command line, as for example, this:
        "C:\Program Files (x86)\Setup Factory 9\SUFDesign.exe" /BUILD D:\folder\project.suf /STDOUT | more


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          Very helpfull Ulrich, I created a small console redirection wrapper and it worked as expected. I am very happy with it and thank you very much!