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  • Skip producing "Uninstall" files

    Hi folks: I have an Install file that installs Microsoft support routines that are missing on some of my end-users computers. I do not want an Uninstall procedure for these routines.SF Uninstall Settings does not have a "skip Uninstall" option. How do I skip generating Uninstall files, etc.? Thanks.

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    Please clarify what you mean with "uninstall files" and "uninstall procedure".
    • Is this to avoid an entry in Programs and Features for the installer whch you built with Setup Factory, used to deploy these Microsoft files; or
    • Is this to avoid the removal by the user of the Microsoft files which were deployed?



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      Hi Ulrich:

      This is to prevent any type of reference to an Uninstall procedure after the Setup Factory completes. Yes, I could add a post-install procedure to remove everything, but would prefer not to have them there at all. Examples of what I don't want:
      Uninstall short cut in the start menu
      Uninstall link in the Windows Control Panel list = Nothing in the Windows registry
      Uninstall.exe in any folder

      In other words, an option to skip generating the Uninstall. Hopefully this option is already there, but I have not noticed it ... :-)


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        What you want can be done in multiple ways.

        1) If you NEVER want an entry in the Apps and Features section, then you can clear the option for the creation of the Uninstall, in the Settings, as shown below:

        Click image for larger version

Name:	SCRN-2021-06-20-01.png
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        2) If you SOMETIMES want to skip the creation of the entries in the registry, based on a certain condition, then you can set a global variable:
        _InstallStages["CreateUninstall"] = false;
        Leaving this at the default value ("true") would allow the creation of the entry in the Apps and Features. Note that, if the creation of the entry was disabled as shown in item 1, then setting the variable to true will not override the selection made in the IDE.

        This can be found in the help file...



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          Thanks, Ulrich . How did I miss that?