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License Agreement scroll to bottom issue

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  • License Agreement scroll to bottom issue


    My company recently changed the License Agreement document.
    I copied the plain text in the field, and I want to implement one of the following scenarios:

    Right now, the Next button is enabled when the Agree radio is selected.

    1. Now, I would like the user to scroll all the way down to the end of the license agreement (MSGID_ONVSCROLLBOTTOM), then the Agree button to become active and also the Next button to be enabled.

    Problem here: I couldn't find information on how to disable the radio button

    2. Combine selection of the Agree button and the scroll to bottom event, then enable the Next button.

    Problem here: I couldn't make these events work together.

    Please help with any of these scenarios.

    Thank you,

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    By default, the state of the Next button is controlled via custom function g_LicenseAgreementScreen_UpdateNextButton(), which is defined in the Global Functions script, located at #SUFDIR#\Includes\Scripts\_SUF70_Global_Functions. lua, at line 430. The script file is mentioned in the comment in the On Preload event script.

    In this script, you can see that the object DlgRadioButton is used, with GetProperties(), to query the state of the radio button, and DlgButton.SetProperties() is used to control the state of the push button. Similar functions exist for all controls, you can find them in the help file.

    So, what you will need to do is adding a call to disable the radio button, in the On Preload event script, and another call to the same function to enable the radio button, when the scrolling text object sends the event MSGID_ONVSCROLLBOTTOM, in the On Ctrl event script.

    I attached a project file with the modifications. The "agree" radio button starts disabled, becomes enabled when the license was scrolled to the end, and then, once the radio button is clicked, the Next button becomes enabled and the user can jump to the next screen.

    Attached Files