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Run a different install file from within a Setup Factory install?

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  • Run a different install file from within a Setup Factory install?

    Hi all,
    is it possible to run a separate install process from within a setup factory install? Or should I just run them separately? This issue I have is that we need Crystal Reports to be installed. My plan was to use Setup Factory to check if Crystal Reports was installed by checking the registry. The simplest solution is to warn the user if Crystal is not installed and then they can abort the install. Is it possible to kick off the crystal install (run as administrator) from within Setup Factory, or will that lead to issues? Has anyone else solved this problem, or should I just do the simple "abort if not there" solution?
    Thanks in advance,

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    You can run other installers as part of the Setup Factory package, in several ways.

    1. You can run it as part of a dependency module. You can write your own or pick one shipped with the product or developed by other users.

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    2. If the installer is provided as a MSI package, use MSI.RunMsiexec() to process it with the required command line arguments.

    3. If the installer is provided as a EXE, then run it with File.Run(), again with command line arguments so it can be processed passively, without user input. Do not add it as a component of your product, instead place it into the list of Primer Files, so it can be used during setup, but the installer is removed from the TEMP folder once your setup is finished.



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      Thanks, Ulrich,
      I'll try that,