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German Localization not recognized in Windows 11

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  • German Localization not recognized in Windows 11

    Right now I am running Windows 11 for development. We added German to our product and I localized the installer.
    But when I am changing the region and system language (Windows-Anzeigesprache Deutsch , Land oder Region Deutchland,) it continues to display the localized screens in English. What am I missing?

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    On my VM based on Parallels, the language is reported as English even when the settings have been changed.
    [03/02/2022 16:49:17] Info Windows Primary language: 9.1 .

    This does not change even with English and US locale completely removed and restarting.

    Is there any other place the installer could look?


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      This has nothing to do with Windows 11 (or any other version). You are missing the fact that Setup Factory depends on the system locale, as it always did - not the display language of the operating system.

      Windows > Control Panel > Clock & Region > Region > Administrative > Language for non-Unicode programs. It has always been this way, that is the setting which defines which language will be used in the installer.

      In the sample above, the installation language and the display language is English, but the locale is set to German - the result is that the setup is shown in German.

      In the second sample, the installation language is English, the display language is Portuguese, and the locale is German - as expected, the setup is shown in German.

      If for some reason you need to make decisions based on the display language, then you can build your own plugin or use mine, used in the sample.



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        Thank you! That worked.
        It also works properly with systems installed from a DE ISO.


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          Got the plugin to support the good work.

          And it works!
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