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Use of custom color is breaking theme

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  • Use of custom color is breaking theme

    When I am trying to use custom color for installer on the default theme I am having unexpected changes too.
    In this example the border color of the button on installer turned black from blue, the progress bar changed to blue( and to some older style of progress bar) and the texts on the screens seems to be slightly blurry. The change isn't made directly in ".suf" file and the custom color value is written in a .xml file. There is a ".suf" template defined with product relevant texts that uses default set up factory theme. Based on the template, installer windows should be created where the text color of the screens (ex: text on top banner) gets the color code values written in the .xml file when "<CstClrs>1</CstClrs>"( value '1' is inside the .xml, not in the .suf). How to resolve this issue? Besides, what is the best procedure to use custom text color on default theme?

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    When you use a custom color, then the whole interface will be custom drawn, overriding the operating system's theme. This will change how the controls and windows/dialogs look.