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  • TextFile.Write

    My goal is to write a text file based on a serial number. I created an Edit Fields screen that will prompt me to enter a serial number. I set the session variable to %BoardSerial%. My before Installing screen prompts me to enter a serial number. What I want to do with thatis write a text file based on that serial number. Example: If the serial number is 123456 .the write a code FFFFFF. I was trying to use TextFile."WriteFromString("C:\\Automotive Test Solutions\\iGA5ELITE\\serial.txt", "%SerialNumber%", false);". I have a finite list if serial number, 25 different ones with 25 codes that will match up with the serial numbers. If there is a way to read the %SerialNumber% and use if then else to write a text file that would work as well.

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    Please check this, and understand how to use session variables...
    Question How do Session Variables work? Answer Session Variables Explained Session variables are used in Setup Factory 7.0 to hold various forms of data that can then be displayed to the user through screens, and/or used in script. For example, %AppFolder% is a Session Variable that has many uses in Setup Factory. When the