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ODBC 3.51 and ODBC 5.3

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  • ODBC 3.51 and ODBC 5.3


    I have 2 install files for ODBC 3.51 and ODBC 5.3 both of these are required for my software to fully work. I tried to use the option to get the software to install in silent mode. However, i cannot seem to get it to work. How would I run this correctly?


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    I cannot find your email domain or your name in the list of our registered customers. If you are a licensed user, please make contact using the customer portal - - and I will attempt to assist with your issue. You can also associate the forum account with the customer account in the portal, so it shows "Indigo Rose Customer" instead of simply "Forum Member". Thank you.



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      Hello Ulrich,

      The account is under Accelerated Designs. However, I have tried to login with that email and it will not let me login. Others can but my browser wont. Anyway if you can verify I Just need to know why this is not working

      result = File.Install("%AppFolder%\\mysql-connector-odbc-5.3.2-winx64.msi", "C:\\Windows\\System32\", FILE_INSTALL_OLDER, false, true, nil, nil);

      Basically I have an install item that I need to run in silent mode. It is an ODBC 5.3 driver install.



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        File.Install() is not the action you need to use. From the documentation: "Installs a file onto the user's system. Note: This is just like copying the file, but with a few more options."

        You do not want to copy the file, you want to process the MSI package as part of your setup. So, add this MySQL connector installer to your Primer files, not to the Archive, of course. Then, in the On Pre Install or On Post Install, call MSI.RunMsiExec() to process the MSI package with something like

        nRes = MSI.RunMsiexec(SessionVar.Expand("-i \"%TempLaunchFolder%\\mysql-connector-odbc-5.3.2-winx64.msi\" /qb"), true);
        Once the setup finishes, the MSI package will be properly deleted from the user's temp folder. Installing the package into the AppFolder makes no sense.

        The registered customer email is "[email protected]", so this would need to be used to log into the customer portal.