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Error trying to uninstall app

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  • Error trying to uninstall app

    One of my client is having an error while trying to uninstall my application installed using Setup Factory. Windows 7 Ultimate, Service Pack 1

    Attached is the error display. How do I resolve it. Thank you.​

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    What is the context of this error message? QHSafeTray.exe is not the default name of the uninstaller, so I would think that the application crashing may not be part of Setup Factory. If it is your application, and not a renamed unistaller executable, you need to make sure that the application is not running before attempting to uninstall, or close the application as part of the uninstallation tasks. Perhaps the uninstaller was executed, could not perform the removal of all files because something was in use, and now the client attempts to run the application with vital files missing on the device - and that is what you show in the attached screenshot. If you need further help, share the uninstallation log file so I have something which may be more useful to diagnose the problem.



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      When I remote the computer today, a different error Pop up. There is no uninstall log because uninstallation was never initiated. When I transfer uninstall.exe to my computer, Bitdefender immediately detected infection in it. So it is a case of virus. The client computer did not detect it. Luckily my computer could detect it. Problem solved. Thank you for your response.

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