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Setup hangs after avast scan

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  • Setup hangs after avast scan


    I am currently utilizing Setup Factory 9.1

    Upon Avast scanning my setup.exe file and finishing the process, a busy pointer consistently appears whenever I attempt to execute setup.exe.

    I have attempted to resolve the problem by disabling the antivirus and terminating the setup process, but these measures have proven unsuccessful.

    It will work only if I reboot my PC.

    Do you have any suggestions or ideas regarding this matter?

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    Setup Factory 9.1 is quite old (2012) and there were many more recent releases - we always recommend using the latest version. Also, if you suddenly get problems caused by an antivirus while running the same executable released over ten years ago, then the logical approach would be reporting this to the vendor of the antivirus, don't you agree?



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      I was not initially aware that version 9.1 was considered such an old version.

      (Given that the current version is 9.5 the difference did not strike me as significant.)

      Nevertheless, I am now seeking suggestions to address this issue. By the way windows has placed the setup.exe in a "suspended" mode until you reboot the machine.