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9.6 Detailed release notes?

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  • 9.6 Detailed release notes?

    Thanks for 9.6, I was wondering if there was a list of updates? I personally use a batch file for my hardware token code signing, it takes all of 60 seconds or less to code sign the installer after it builds so I don't specifically need that update in 9.6 other than adding windows 11 support natively are there additional updates? I will have our company upgrade from 9.5 regardless to support you guys.


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    Here is the sticky post with the release notes.



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      Keep in mind that just signing the setup.exe after building isn’t enough. That is just a wrapper/launcher. During the build process, Setup Factory generates the main installer/uninstaller executable and packs that into the setup.exe “wrapper” (along with your compressed data files, manifests etc). When the step.exe runs, it extracts and executes the main installer exe. You definitely want that internal installer/uninstall executable signed as well. The Code Signing tab of Build Settings will handle this for you correctly.
      New Release: Setup Factory 9.6 adds Windows 11 compatibility and support for hardware token OV/EV Code Signing certificates.