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  • Extract archive

    Hi to all, i'm new on this forum. :lol
    I have one question:
    how do you make extract an .arc archive with Setup Factory?
    i want that SF extract .arc archive directly in destination folder selected during install, without copy the arc to temp folder and after extract it.
    there is a script or plugin?

    Thanks for future answers

  • #2
    I'm not familiar with .arc archives, however I don't believe what you want to do is possible with Setup Factory. You will need to extract the .arc file to a temporary location first before you will be able to perform any file operations on it, such as extracting it with a .arc tool.
    --[[ Indigo Rose Software Developer ]]


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      and if i put the arc in the same folder of setup, is not possible extract it from there with some command inside SF?


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        Are you talking about the ARC compression that was used with BBS files, in the 80's? Setup Factory does not have built-in support for that. However, as long as you have an uncompressor for that format, you can bundle it into the installer, by adding it as a primer file to your project. During installation, you can fire up this external program and pass parameters to have the companion files decompressed where you need them.