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Variable for Start Menu

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  • Variable for Start Menu

    Is there a variable or function to get the Start Menu in which the application shortcuts are being created?
    The documentation says to use %AppShortcutFolderName%, but this is simply the name of the application.
    Shell.GetFolder(SHF_STARTMENU) returns the user specific start menu folder, but if it's being installed for all users, what do I use to get the correct shared folder?

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    It is in the help file. See:

    Shell.GetFolder(SHF_STARTMENU_COMMON) or



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      Ah, I'm going blind in my old age! Yes, thanks, I see it's on the line below

      It would be nice to have a built-in variable pointing to the location where the shortcuts are added through the 'Files' 'Shortcut' settings.
      At the moment it appears I have to use something like:

      Shell.CreateShortcut(SessionVar.Expand(myStartFold er.."\\Programs\\%AppShortcutFolderName%"), "Sample Files", SessionVar.Expand("%CommonDocumentsFolder%\\Sample Files"), "", "", "", 0, SW_SHOWNORMAL, nil, "Sample Files for use with our product");

      I'm not sure why the '\\Programs\\' is needed, but without it you get a doubling up of the entries in the start menu.

      How am I 'supposed' to find the path to the folder? Is this the right way?


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        Have a look at my web site, here: Custom Shortcuts shows how to create shortcuts manually.