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  • Dependency issues

    We've had a few problems with the 'Visual C++ 2008 SP1 (32-bit)' dependency package for SUF, and I just thought I'd mention them here so that others may know what we found out, and possibly IndigoRose could fix it.

    - The package says that it can't install on 32 bit Windows, which is wrong. If you are installing a 32 bit app, you have to install the 32 bit version of the VC++ runtime, even on 64 bit windows

    - The package says it can't install on Windows 2003 R2, which is also wrong. It works fine on that version of Windows. For some reason it allows Windows 2003, but explicitly refuses to run on 2003 R2

    So, we had to edit the dependency install script to fix these two problems:

    - line 26, take out the condition that it's not 2003 R2

    - We edited line 127 to say "if (b64BitOs) and false then", but we could have removed that conditional block totally

    Also, a slight aside. We changed line 160 to set strCmdArgs to "/qb!" instead of "/q"

    /q is a totally silent install - the installer seems to disappear and do nothing for a minute or so when this is used. /qb1 doesn't give any prompts, but does give a progress bar, so the user can see what is going on.

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    I rarely use dependency modules -- for the simple fact that you ARE installing something w/o giving the user the option to back out -- effectively leaving a trace if they decide to not use your program. I usually, for things like this, install as a primer file, but run in "before install" and not wait for the return, then in post-install wait for the program to finish. this is cleaner (IMHO)...