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Multiple installtions / Updating already installed versions

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  • Multiple installtions / Updating already installed versions


    I am very curious to know how I can set up my SUF9 project that way, that I can run the installation several times for different destinations (i.e. an uninstaller entry is added to "Programs" in the Windows Control Panel, for each installation).

    At the moment, the setup just overwrites its existing "uninstaller table" with the new destination. So an uninstall just removes the last installation. Older installations on different locations remains.

    Is there a way to have multiple installations, each with its own "uninstall"?.

    Thank you very much in advance!

    Best regards,

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    If you want to allow side-by-side installations, you installer must use a different unique registry key for the uninstaller, as well as deploy into different folders on the hard drive. If you overwrite any existing information, the previous uninstaller can't complete successfully.



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      Hello Ulrich

      Thank you for your advice.

      Yes, I want to allow side-by-side installations (having the same setup).
      Our customers use different tool versions parallel, so they also need to install our plug in in each of those tool folders.

      In "Uninstall Settings", tab "Control Panel" of SUF9,
      there is a "Unique registry key" set (%ProductName%%ProductVer%).
      But I guess this point is kind of problematic, since it is static, each time our setup is executed.

      Do you have any tricks, how my aim can be solved?
      Thank you very much!