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Font file remaining in _TempLaunchFolder after Setup

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  • Font file remaining in _TempLaunchFolder after Setup

    Upon Setup completion, one file is remaining in the _TempLaunchFolder, and that is the Font file used by the Setup:
    Microsoft Sans Serif_1.TFT

    I even try to manually delete the files in the OnShutDown Action with no luck:

    File.Delete(_TempLaunchFolder.."\\*.*",true,false, true);

    The only way I can delete it is to schedule it for DeleteOnReboot.

    Is there some super-secret way to delete this file without having to reboot? (SUF 9.2).

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    There is a program, "Unlocker" -- it has a portable version. Basically it forces a file / folder to have all handles to it closed. You could shell out to "UnlockerPortable.exe" have it unlock/delete the file.
    It shouldn't remain; but as you can see by the installer, that we've had a few problems with files remaining behind when tehy shouldn't (antivirus scanners, etc) which is why I schedule the whole IR_Temp folder to be deleted on reboot.


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      Looks to be a bug still remaining in SUF 9.20. Anyone from Indigo Rose watching?