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32 and 64 bit versions in 1 installer

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  • 32 and 64 bit versions in 1 installer

    Is there a way to include both 32 and 64 bit files and libraries in 1 installer file and just install the one you need when needed? I ask because this would cut down on the number of changes I would need to maintain in my post install scripts (which is up to 1640 lines at this point).

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    You could check out my guide for building unified installers.



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      What I did was create a 32-bit installer (works on 64-bit anyway) and included a 64-bit installer that this installer runs when it detectes 64-bit. Unfortunateley I couldn't use SUF for the silent running running 64-bit installer as the overhead and file size are much bigger than what I could create using Inno.

      We have been using this method since 64-bit was launched and it works fine for everything including installation of OCX and Windows services.
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