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individual file / folder only install if requirement are met

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  • individual file / folder only install if requirement are met

    I have so far everything together but still a problem!

    it is possible a particular file or a folder to install only if a particular program version has been selected?

    if so, I would appreciate your support!
    if required, I can copy the *. suf provide disposal!

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    You would need to check for your version of the file and store that in a variable. Then in script conditions, test for the condition -- if the resulting test is True - then the file will be installed, if false, the file will not.


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      thanks for your answer but unfortunately I am not familiar script, and everything I've read so far, you should not change the existing script, according to google translate?

      I will send you a link from my times *. suf and maybe to you nice and you look simply at times ones and change it to given case!

      there is actually a German translation of setup factory?

      for your help I thank you in advance