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Multilingual installer: use automatically current user language for installation

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  • IdeasVacuum
    re International Language Support – Multilingual Installer

    What is really needed throughout is support for Unicode, which Microsoft already fully supports.

    There are many advantages for the developer. For one, you can see any text on your installer screens in any language, exactly how your customer will see it, without having to temporarily modify the OS of your development PC. Microsoft developed the MS Sans Serif Font, supporting many of the World's languages, to make this possible. The major on-line translators use Unicode! You can give your customer the opportunity to select the installation language, regardless of what their OS is set to at that moment in time. All-in-All, Unicode is better, and that is why everyone is moving on - so come on Indigo Rose, don't be left behind!

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  • redseujac
    Thank you very much for your quick and useful answer, Ulrich.

    I wasn't aware of the existence of this "Language plugin", because unfortunately the last time I visited your website was quite a while ago.

    Maybe in the future those new possibilities could be integrated in the program itself, or at least some reference could be added in the program help (e.g. at "System.GetDefaultLangID" and/or "Application.GetInstallLanguage")?

    Best regards


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  • Ulrich
    You can use the Language plugin for this.


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  • Multilingual installer: use automatically current user language for installation

    International Language Support – Multilingual Installer

    Installers created with Setup Factory can automatically determine the language of the client operating system and adjust the display of screens and messages appropriately.

    However users often installed Windows in a given language (e.g. English), but change the language preferences to another language (e.g. German or Spanish).

    With competing software (e.g. Advanced Installer) it's possible to let the Installer automatically use the current user language for installation, instead of the default operating system language.

    How to achieve this with Setup Factory 9.2?