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  • jassing
    I don't understand your goal; but you can create a setup w/o any user interaction, just delete all screens.
    Read your files and parse it for what you're looking for...

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  • klabautermann
    started a topic Download automated

    Download automated

    I wonder if I can make automated setup and if so, how?
    Currently the updates are downloaded successfully so:

    HTTP.Download ("http://xxx//program/marke_a/update2014/update/marke/upd100deu.exe", "C: \ \PROGRAM\\ MARKE_A \ \ DATA \ \ UPDATE \ \ upd100deu.exe" MODE_BINARY, 20, 80, nil , nil, nil);

    HTTP.Download ("http://xxx//program/marke_b/update2014/update/marke/upd255deu.exe", "C: \ \ PROGRAMM\\MARKE_B \ \ DATA \ \ UPDATE \ \ upd255deu.exe" MODE_BINARY, 20, 80, nil , nil, nil);

    I'm not sure if it could work me but my thought was an automation!

    In MARKE_A \ DATA folder is a upd100deu.log
    In MARKE_B \ DATA folder is a upd255deu.log

    The setup what I want to create now is to read and download the updates up to 4 the updxxxdeu.log!

    you can actually with space holders (upd *. * deu.exe) to work!