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External Files CRC mismatch

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  • External Files CRC mismatch

    I am trying to create an installer with all the files on the External files tab as they are provided separately from the installer.

    I checked the "Disable CRC" box for all the files, but during the install I am still getting the popup:
    "File CRC mismatch - Data integrity error".

    Isn't that what the Disable CRC checkbox is supposed to be for?

    I am using SUF 9.2.


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    what does the install log show?
    are you installing across a network share?


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      First I get the popup and then if I click Ignore it still does not install the file. The log does not contain much. Just:

      Success Install external file: C:\Windows\SysWow64\nlemlog.dll
      Error Install external file: C:\Windows\SysWow64\nlemlog.dll (0)

      The installer itself ends with return code 5.

      Incidentally, RuntimeFolder is set to %SourceFolder% and I am running the setup from that folder. The file it is trying to install is definitely there.


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        Just a guess:You can't install to the same file; you're opening a file for read; THEN opening it for WRITE -- so the write fails, because it can't get an exclusive write lock.


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          Thanks for the suggestion, but I wasn't clear. InstallTo is different from Run-Time Folder. As you can see from the log the destination is a different folder.

          This appears to be a legitimate bug in SUF 9.2 unless I am misunderstanding the action of the checkbox: Disable CRC Check.


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            arey you running it across a network share?


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              Perhaps you could post a project file and two of the binaries you attempting to use on the External tab, so we could attempt to replicate the issue. In my tests, the setup I built performed correctly on every test, and I could replace the external file freely, as long as the name was kept as expected.

              If you are using a network share as Josh mentioned, or perhaps you are building an ISO for use in a VM for testing, Windows may be caching the previous version. If you are using a VM, you may want to shut it down and restart before performing the next iteration.