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Best Practices for Installing Templates & Themes

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  • Best Practices for Installing Templates & Themes

    Dear All
    I need some professional and experienced advice here...regarding a "dilemma" not a technical "how-to-do" issue. One more point, I am not a programmer, so please be patient if this post seems trivial to some of you.

    I am creating a "MyApp" application for both consumers and enterprise users. I am providing different Templates, Themes and Wallpapers which enable the user to customize "MyApp". I call these "Design Assets" and each type has a dedicated folder. In addition, the user can do the following actions:
    1. Create new/custom Templates/Themes
    2. Modify a default Template/Theme
    3. Delete a custom Template Theme (but not the default ones I provide)
    4. Add Modify New Wallpapers (but not delete the default wallpapers)

    Originally I decided to put all the Templates/Themes under
    • c:\ProgramFiles\MyApp\Design Assets where each type has a separate subfolder

    I did this because I noticed that IR AMS and Setup Factory have all the templates installed in ProgramFiles...although Setup Factory stores Custom Templates in the appdat\roaming folder.

    But this solution is quite risky because the User will have direct access and can modify and even delete all the DEFAULT Templates/Themes/wallpapers.

    So I am thinking perhaps I should DUPLICATE the Templates/Themes/Wallpapers and store another copy in
    • c:\users\username\appdata\myapp\templates

    This way, I can always "restore" the Templates and Themes from the c:\programfiles folder. It is similar I think to the way Microsoft handle their templates for Powerpoint and Word

    This solution however greatly complicates the setup process because I have to support WinXP, Win7 and Win 8, 8.1 installations. T
    1. Is this the "best practice" for installing application assets that may or not be modified by the user?
    2. Is there anyway to avoid a conditional folder setup for XP, Win7 and Win8, 8.1 installations?
    3. I searched the forum, but did not find any relevant projects. Any pointers or references to a similar setup app.

    Thnx in advance to anybody who can help me resolve this dilemma

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    Have you read my suggestions? There is a lot of info in that article.



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      ...haven't seen this article before. Looks really good.
      Will go thru it in detail. Thanks