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How to add Minimize Button to installation screens?

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  • How to add Minimize Button to installation screens?

    The help file in SUF 9.2 talks about a minimize button on the screens, but I cannot get one to show up. How do I get the minimize button to show on my screens? Thanks.

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    Can you point me to a sample where this minimize button is mentioned in the documentation?



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      For example, look at the Help entry for Application.Minimize. It says:

      Note: This action is the same as pressing the minimize button ( ) on the installer's title bar.


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        From what I see (and I could be wrong, of course), it appears that the windows shown by the runtime are not created with the settings required to have a working Minimize button. You can add the button to the window with a couple of calls to the User32.dll, but the button then shown in the caption bar reacts to the mouse, but remains unresponsive:


        I am not sure if there is some technical reason for the omission of the Minimize button, but you could submit this as a suggestion. Perhaps the display of the button could be controlled in a similar fashion to the Close button, via a global variable, in the future.