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"Pushing" a Setup Factory install

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  • "Pushing" a Setup Factory install

    We have customers that use various forms of push installation technology to install the client portion of our solution. Our current installs are MSI-based. The customers have tools that read the MSI and create the package they need to use with their push tools.

    As we are moving to Setup Factory, and thankfully away from MSI, I'm wondering if anyone has experience with using Setup Factory installs with various push installation systems.

    Any feedback based on your experience would be appreciated. Thank you!


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    I believe that the most important thing is that you script your installer in such a way that it accepts command line arguments, and allows unattended installations. In that manner, you can pass required arguments, which would normally be provided in the dialogs during an interactive install. If all arguments were properly supplied, you could perform the unattended (or even silent) install, if something is wrong or missing show an explanation and offer interactive install, if no arguments at all were supplied, then enter the interactive install directly without showing an alert.



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      Good advice. Thanks Ulrich. We'll definitely do either command line parameters or a single parameter pointing to a response file.

      Any other ideas anyone?


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        I have plenty of experience with pushing installers

        from installing printers, changing computer names, installing other apps, and the such. I usually use start in silent mode and use configuration files that the customers can modify.


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          My final solution is in line with what jcuster said. I'm using a config file that a user can set their responses in. I allowed a separate command line parameter for it - opting not to use the optional portion of the /s for its INI file.

          Thanks all.