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Problem with dependency module

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  • Problem with dependency module

    I am new to Setup Factory, but I have been asked to help create an installation using Setup Factory v8.0 on a Windows v8.1 HP laptop. I think I've gotten it figured out fairly well. The application to be installed connects to a remote MySQL database. So I need the installation process to install the MyODBC driver, if it is not already on the target system.

    I took a dependency module I found on this site (, and updated it for v5.3.4. I believe I got everything adjusted I need to. Everything works fine, except the install process does not seem to be able to install the separate MyODBC driver.

    The log file reports, "Error Script: Dependency Installation Script: MyODBC 5.3.4, Line 64 (1013)". Line 64 of the installation script is, "local nResult = File.Run(strFileToRun,"","",SW_SHOWNORMAL,true);" - obviously this is where it tries to run the MyODBC install. That install file is an MSI file (MySQL-connector-odbc-5.3.4-win32.msi).

    Because I have not yet been able to find definitive info on this, I am wondering - can Setup Factory handle installing an external MSI file? Or does anyone have any other ideas?

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    An MSI package is not an executable (*.exe), so you cannot "run" it. If you want to process an MSI package, you must use Windows Installer (msiexec.exe), which can be done or by calling the shell with Shell.Execute(), or with the specific MSI actions already provided in Setup Factory. If you use Shell.Execute(), you will start a new process, and the UAC dialog will be shown again. For this reason, using the MSI actions directly is the recommended approach.