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Help with Signtool.exe Signing

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  • Help with Signtool.exe Signing

    I received a new Code Signing Certificate, and I now need to change my SUF signing to use SignTool.exe rather than SignCode.exe. Is there any way I can use SignTool.exe without putting the PFX Password (/P parameter) in the SUF project? Is there a way to be prompted for it at build time?

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    There are three files signed during a single build, so you would be prompted three times... or multiples, if you are building a set of installers (as in different build configurations for a single product). I don't believe that this method would be very comfortable, even if there is a way to ask for the password repeatedly during the build.

    If for any reason you don't want to store the password in the project file, you could use a build constant instead. The parameter for SignTool.exe or kSignCMD.exe could be something like "/p #PFXPASSWD#", and while you set up some default value for this constant in the Build Settings, the proper value is provided via the external INI file.
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    Perhaps this fits your needs?