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code signing fails even with Anti-virus off

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  • code signing fails even with Anti-virus off

    OK, all anti-virus turned off - still getting this error frequently:

    Number of errors: 1
    SignTool Error: The file is being used by another process.
    SignTool Error: An error occurred while attempting to sign: C:\Users\shochberg\Documents\Setup Factory 9\Output\InstallPostage$averUpdate.exe
    Error 4304: Execute program error executing code signing tool - 0 (1)

    Build failed - 1 Error(s), 0 Warning(s)


    >>Please make sure that you have NO anti-virus or anti-malware running in the background, scanning the files. The reason it works on the second time is because the files were already checked moments before, and therefore aren't being locked again by the antivirus.

    >>>>>>This issue relates to code signing.

    Build project with code signing - works correctly
    Build it again - works correctly
    Run the output file (at least as far as the first screen then cancel, or all the way through - doesn't matter)
    Build it again - fails with error shown below
    Close Setup Factory
    Open Setup Factory
    Build it again - works correctly

    Here is the error message:

    Build failed.

    --------- Errors ---------
    > Adding file: C:\Users\shochberg\Documents\Complete\SmartBars 12\smartbars12.ttf
    Error 3023: Failed writing setup size to archive prior to code signing (32).

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    This is your problem:

    SignTool Error: The file is being used by another process.
    If you are sure that you don't have an antivirus/anti-malware running in the background (not even MSSE), then check if you have an application open which is listing the folder where the files to be included in the setup are located. If the file is being previewed, then this kind of error also may occur.



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      Wow - so yes you are correct - here is what I think I have found. If the "Setup Factory 9/Output" Folder is open in ANY other application, EVEN WINDOWS EXPLORER, the codesign process fails. This seems consistent looking at both Windows Explorer and FTP Voyager. You don't need the installer actually running, just the folder selected and the process sitting there passively.

      That's why the second time I build the same installer, the build fails - because I've generally just run the installer by clicking on it in the Output folder.

      FWIW. perhaps a big tip on the code signing setup screens would be helpful. I've never seen Windows Explorer as a conflict with anything before, and the problem doesn't occur when running code signing directly from the command line.

      Thanks for pointing me to the issue.