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launch on finish crashes acrobat reader

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  • launch on finish crashes acrobat reader

    I'm using this code for a checkbox on a finish screen. It works great if I am trying to open a .txt file, but if I use it for a .pdf, not only does it not open the .pdf but it breaks Acrobat so that no pdfs will open even directly until restart.

    What am I doing wrong?

    if check02 then
    File.Open(SessionVar.Expand ("%AppFolder%".."\\Postage $aver\\Help\\Postage Saver Help.pdf"), "", SW_SHOWNORMAL,false);

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    So to close the loop on this - there is nothing wrong with the script - it works for everything I've tried except when opening a file with Adobe Reader as its default app.

    There are actually some good reasons for not opening apps with elevated permissions - but it appears that nobody else really cares as we see installers that do this all the time.

    To give my customers access to .pdf help files (without re-installing them as .rtf or .doc, etc. - which could easily lead to versioning issues to keep them the same as the pdfs) I created an html page with an immediate redirect to the pdf file. The pdf opens in the browser, not Adobe, which has some disadvantages, but it seems to work reliably and adds negligible weight to your installer package.

    Hope someone finds this helpful. Thanks to IndigoRose for their offline help with this.