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Sharing violation when copying files - Setup hangs - need to continue

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  • Sharing violation when copying files - Setup hangs - need to continue

    Hi there,

    I get serious error message and the Setup hangs up during file copy process (Scree: While installing) when copying .MSI and .CAB files. Sometimes it occures when the .MSI file is copied and sometimes when the .CAB file is copied.
    The Setup hangs and can only be closed by using the Windows Task Manager.

    We use the EXTERNAL file list for the Setup.

    According to the Error-Message of irsetup.exe "Encountered a sharing Violation while accessing [PATH]\" I searched the Forum and found this thread:

    I tried to disable the Antivirus and it worked. But for our customers it is not possible to just turn off the Antivirus on the Server.
    We have to install the Software in an arbitrary Folder (not into the Programm Folder) on a Server so that the Software can be used on other Client PCs. BTW, client PCs got a seperate Setup that is used then to create shortcuts to that program and so on.

    That is a seriouse Problem, because the Setup hangs after that error message and therefore needs to be closed using Windows Task Manager. Is there a posibillity to create a RETRY Option for files that can't be copied during this process when they are currently in use?

    What I also experienced is that the file was copied correctly and can be used/opend. But it seems that irsetup tries to access it again after copying but the file then is in use beacuse of the anti Virus or something like that. I really don't have a cloue why irsetup.exe tries to Access the file again or hwat exactly happens.

    I also tried to use different Options on that file:
    • Disable CRC
    • FileSafe
    • Suppress "In Use"

    but nothing helps.

    Well, I really need a option during the copy process that makes it possible to wait a Little bit, if a file is in use and then retries what ever irsetup.exe tries to do to continue the copy process.
    Is there a possibility to add something liek that or do new Versions have that Option. What are the posibilities expect turning off the anti Virus.

    BTW: Anti Virus is Trend Micro Office Scan-

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    You can contact TrendMicro and ask them to whitelist your installer (recognized by the code signing certificate), so it may cause less interference while the setup is running.
    If you currently are using File.Copy() to copy the files to the hard drive, you could attempt to File.Run() Windows Robocopy instead. Robocopy has command line parameters for the number of retries after failed copy operations, and for the amount of time to wait before performing the next attempt.



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      Hi Ulrich,

      first off all, thanks you for your fast response.
      But, sorry Ulrich, that is not a satisfactory answer.

      Please don't get me wrong, but that means that when the setup hangs, all files that has been copied until the error and all ohter things (registry entries, program links etc.) are not reversable anymore at this point.
      I think in that case our customer will ask if we are not able to create a useful installer

      And this would also mean, that I have to ask all antivirus manufacturer, because we don't know which antivirus is used be the users. This is something impossible. Or is this common?

      I hope you know what I mean.