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WINDOWS 8 - Admin -> AllUser and Permission to appFolder

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  • WINDOWS 8 - Admin -> AllUser and Permission to appFolder


    i have changed my OS from Windows7 to Windows8. My Setup and installation runs on Windows7 very well, but on Windows8 it is impossible with the same installation file to install the my Application.
    I know it depend on the permissions of the folder and the installation must for all user. I need to have full access for allUser to the APPFolder at c:\Program Files\...
    I looked for solutions in this forum and tried e.g. ICACLS, but the effect was, that my Application runs only one time. After that, the permission was automatic set back to the old settings.

    My Question:
    How I can Set the installation for allUsers in SETUP FACTORY 9 and set Permission "full control" to the Appfolder while installation process.

    Thanks in advance

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    Your program should not write data into the application folder (beneath ProgramFiles) at runtime. Files which are changed when the application is run by the end user should be placed into one of the AppData folders, or the user's Personal folder if the changes or settings affect only the current account. Turning off the User Account Control, or changing access rights by granting full control over a protected folder when there is a better - and correct - method for building and deploying Windows applications is not recommended. Sorry, but in my opinion you should obey the software deployment guidelines which the publisher of the operating system laid down many years ago, and stop trying to find a way around them.

    If you no idea what I am talking about, please read this.

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      Hello Ulrich,

      thanks for your answer and the provided link. It is very useful, I understand now my mistake.
      I will store any files, which the program change at lifetime, in the Appdata folder. That should work.

      Best Regards and Thanks for your support