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Deleting files during an install

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  • Deleting files during an install

    My installer is working great except for one thing. Many times when installing an update, one needs to remove certain files that may cause a problem if left. My update overwrites existing files, but I can't find anything anywhere in Setup Factory where it can perform this "delete" process.

    I created a DOS *.bat file that will delete these files. Then, inside the Setup Factory program, when I'm setting up the install program, I added a "" action in the "On Post Install" and pointed it to the "Delete.bat" file. (I've also tried the same in the "On Pre Install")

    When the installer runs, the DOS window will flash up on the screen, but it apparently doesn't actually run. The files that were supposed to be deleted are still there.

    I do find the Delete.bat file when I click on "Start > All Programs > MyProgram... and executing it here does perform the deletes.

    Looking for a simple solution to this problem.


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    Why don't you use File.Delete() ... ?



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      I knew it would be something simple... Much appreciated. I upgraded for another year because I need answers like this. When other people are waiting for things like updates, it's GREAT to get good professional help in short order. Thanks