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Add shortcut to XML file to user's Start menu

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  • Add shortcut to XML file to user's Start menu

    How can I add a shortcut to an XML config file that's in %TempLaunchFolder% onto the user's Start menu?


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    This is wrong in multiple ways.

    First, only a shortcut to your application should be created on the Start menu, and nothing else.

    Second, creating a shortcut to a file in a temporary folder, which is deleted when the setup exists, makes no sense.



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      In the folder that's created in the Start menu, aside from the "uninstall" option, I would like a link to the XML config file that the installer is modifying. There may be a need for the user to subsequently edit it by hand. What's the best way to add a shortcut to the Start menu to that file? Would I make a copy of that file once the installer is completed writing to it? If so, to where would I copy it?

      Thanks again.


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        There should be no link to the uninstaller in the Start menu. The proper place for this is the "Programs and Features" entry in the Control Panel.

        If there may be the need to edit an existing configuration file, you should have an option in your program to allow the modification of this file. Something like Edit > Preferences, etc., where you display the current XML and allow changes to be made and saved. You should not create a shortcut to anything else than the main application itself.



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          There is no program, per se. It's a Windows service with no front-end. Hence the need for a shortcut in the Start menu. What's the best way to do that?