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  • Licensing Question

    We are currently evaluating Setup Factory at my company as a possible solution for our install projects. If we purchase, we would most likely purchase the five license bundle.

    Once we have our install projects ready to go, we will need to build them on our build server from the command line. Are there any sort of build machine licenses for a server that would only use the product from the command line? Or, would the build server have to use one of our five licenses?


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    Hello, the licensing method for Indigo Rose products is per named user, not per machine. Assuming that you have a team of up to five developers, which creates setups and designs the Setup Factory projects for your products, this would be the number of licenses you need.



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      Sorry, but to clarify, this would need to run on a build server under an automated account, not under the account of one of our developers. So, can we have five developers with setup factory on their development machines, and still run a copy of it on our build server?


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        Hi Doug,

        That's correct. As long as you have licenses for the developers using the software, you can install it on your build server as well. We're developers ourselves (of course!) and really hate when companies nit-pick that sort of stuff... So, we don't do it!

        Frankly though, we really do appreciate your business and figure that if you've got a license for each developer using the software, that's good enough for us - the build server is free at that point.
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