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IRSETUP is being flagged as a virus

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  • IRSETUP is being flagged as a virus

    On some of my customer's systems, when they try to execute my Setup Factory exe, their anti-virus software detects IRSETUP as a virus and they cannot run my setup.

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    Additional information on IRSETUP being detected as a virus.

    Additional information on this problem.

    This is happening on a hardware appliance, Palo Alto, also many systems have flagged this as a PUP, Norton Sonar and Viper antivirus have also detected this as a virus. I think that IRSETUP was part of the installer a while back which had the same problems.

    Need a resolution!


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      Not a single anti-virus engine is currently flagging irsetup.exe as a virus, VIPRE and Symantec/Norton included. See the proof here, using antivirus definitions from June 16 and 17.

      If your installer is getting flagged by some product, you need to contact the publisher of said product and submit your setup to be white listed. They can do that, checking for the code signing certificate you hopefully are using during the build.