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  • Keyboard navigation of installs

    Hi all, I know this is a long shot, but for some reasons there are some systems I need to run our installer on that don't have a mouse.

    The only part of the setup wizards you can access without a mouse are the wizard buttons. This means you can't do things like select which components to install

    I tried adding an ampersand to the label used above the control that selects the components, and that allowed me to select the checklist control, but space bar doesn't uncheck/check the checkboxes either, and the ampersand is visible as well instead of becoming an underline as per normal UI.

    What are my chances of getting this addressed? Is there any workaround?



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    anyone? Some government purchasers won't buy product if it doesn't meet accessibility requirements.


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      The only screen (so far) I found not to be controllable via keyboard is the "Select Packages" screen. All others I managed to use normally with the tab key, space bar and arrow keys. If you need to build a setup which must respond to keyboard events only, you could use checkboxes instead of the packages tree. Or, you could control which packages should be installed, and any further options, via command line arguments passed to the setup instead of using the wizard.