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    Screen with countries

    Is there any screen where you can show all countries so that the user enter one (can be combo box or check box).

    Many programs have it. How can display a screen with the countries of the world in factory setup?

    Thank you very much in advance.

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    There is no such screen ready to use as part of Setup Factory, but you can easily build your own screen.

    By default, the language of the installer is chosen automatically and based on the regional setting. However, if you want to perform a manual selection, simply add a "Combo Boxes" screen and customize it.

    Click image for larger version

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    Based on the selection made by the user, call Application.SetInstallLanguage() with the matching parameter for the primary and seconday language. All the required language IDs are listed in the documentation.



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      I don't want to show a list of languages. I want to show a list of all countries. And I do not know how I can get this list in Setup Facory.


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        You can do this in the same manner as explained above, or by reading a list of the countries from a text file at runtime and adding them to the combo box. You have to do this by yourself.



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          Read an XML file with the countries I know how to do it.
          The question is, exist a function in Setup Factory that can obtain the list countries (no language) without using an XML file or other file. For example get the names of the countries directly translated into the language of the operating system.
          I do not know if you understand me. Hope so.

          Thank you very much