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    We have a multilingual installer which works fine for everything except Japanese.

    Our installer should startup in the users current windows language if it is available.. and then allow the user to select an install language...

    So for example the installer could start in English, but allow them to install in French...

    The problem we have is with Japanese.

    We are unable to show Japanese text in our Screen Properties Instruction area.. or anywhere else.. the characters just show as ????

    Later in the install we also use the language name as an install condition... but since we cannot display Japanese anywhere we cannot use this comparison..

    Can anyone help?


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    This might be a topic that can help you


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      Yes, this is correct. As it was mentioned many times here already, in order to display non-Western languages, the system locale for non-Unicode programs has to be set to that language. You can't display text in Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, etc. if the system locale is not set to that language. This means that you shouldn't offer to set a display language of the installer at runtime, unless you have only Western/Latin languages which share the same character set.