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setup factory output executable doesn't run on every system

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  • setup factory output executable doesn't run on every system


    We've just used Setup Factory 9.5 to create an installer to a product of ours for windows.
    So far, it seems like everything was working we got installations and reports of use were getting in.
    A customer reached out to say that when he download the executable from our website he receives a strange error message "Unable to open archive file" and the installation doesn't follow through.
    What can cause this?
    To be more specific - Our customers are Israelis. It can be possible that the windows they are using is mainly in Hebrew rather than English.
    Are there any solutions to make in the project file to make sure this doesn't happen?

    I'd appreciate your help in this because this is a soft launch and we would very much like to prevent this kind of occurrence in our Global launch.

    P.S. here is the script we're using to build the installer

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    You wrote that this happened with only one customer... Ask him to disable the antivirus, as many installation errors can be traced back to interference caused by these products.



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      The customer reported there is no Antivirus installed on the computer he tries to use the installer on.
      BTW, this has also happened to an investor of ours on his computer.

      It may be a rare thing but it's crucial that we understand what causes this.

      I have also encountered this issue on a computer where we tried using an installer with a hebrew file name. The exact error was also raised. Changing the file name to English solved the problem. The customer however, downloaded an english-named file from our website. So in both cases we got the same error but for different reasons. I need to understand why that happens. we can't go on Global Launch with this kind of problem. Is there any language related setting I need to take notice of before creating a build?