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HTML content of installer history screen not displaying 'first time, every time'

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  • HTML content of installer history screen not displaying 'first time, every time'

    Hi there,

    This question relates not to SF 9.5 but version Apologies but my director never got round to paying for the upgrade!

    I have a project which builds just fine but, when first run, fails to display the content of the 'Installer History' screen. A plain grey background is displayed inside our themed screen instead of the fixed HTML content which is read from file. The only workaround seems to be to click 'Back' then 'Next' when this screen is reached, at which point the HTML content is then displayed.

    I'm wondering if the HTML is not being properly parsed when first loaded, and yet there doesn't appear to be any "fancy" tags or attributes in there, and no errors are displayed. We only use the following mark-up:

    <!DOCTYPE html> is the first line. Then there's a <html></html> section as a container for various blocks of <ol></ol> each holding a series of list items <li>text</li>. The <ol></ol> blocks are separated with horizontal rules using <hr></hr>.

    Does anyone have any ideas ?


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    I believe that this was fixed in a newer release. You can try to place this into the On Preload event script:
    tProps = DlgScrollingText.GetProperties(CTRL_SCROLLTEXT_BODY);
    tProps.Visible = true;
    DlgScrollingText.SetProperties(CTRL_SCROLLTEXT_BODY, tProps);
    As far as I remember, this should cause a redraw of the control, and the contents might appear properly.