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Task Scheduler actions (Lua script)

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  • Task Scheduler actions (Lua script)

    Custom script

    Sometimes you may want to run a certain program on end user's computer, like for example invoke the TrueUpdate client software every 7 days or at each logon, without triggering the annoying UAC warning dialog. With the aid of the Task Scheduler, you can do so, but setting up new jobs is not very intuitive. This Lua script was written as an attempt to make the creation of new jobs in the Task Scheduler a little bit easier while you are deploying your product. Just add the custom script to your project:

    If you wish to schedule an update check and want the application showing on the desktop when a new version is found, you might want to schedule the update task using the user account that started the setup. The sample project shows how to extract the user name from the Launchuser variable, and display the result in a read-only edit field.

    You can then use the provided data to create the job in Task Scheduler and have the TrueUpdate client checking for new versions silently in the background, showing the wizard on the desktop only when a new release was found.

    Download location and further info