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Serial number validation

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  • Serial number validation


    A online serial number verification system, which allows to produce setups that can only be installed a predetermined number of times on the purchaser's computer. Here are some of the benefits this system offers:
    • Online activation curbs casual software piracy;
    • Optional total maximum number of installations;
    • Optional maximum number of weekly installations;
    • Optional maximum number of bimonthly installations;
    • Optional maximum number of yearly installations;
    • Optional hardware fingerprinting (installing again on the same computer, even after re-installing the operating system, does not count as new installation and does not decrease the number of remaining allowed installations);
    • Optional geolocation tracking;
    • Optional automatic blacklisting of serials;
    • Offline activation, using email for retrieval of the required activation code, if the computer where the product is being installed is not networked;
    • Custom reply for each serial number, which can be any string or number you might want to use in your script to control which packages are available to the user, or which should be pre-selected as default. This would allow the use of "PRO" or "LIGHT" product installers in a single package, for example.
    • Setup Factory 9 or AutoPlay Media Studio 8
    • Crypto Actions plugin or Mcrypt plugin (part of this package)
    • PHP-enabled web server
    • MySQL database server

    The full documentation, with instructions, sample code, hints and gotchas can be found in searchable format at this address.

    Further info

    The download location and other general information can be found at the product page.

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