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Download and Install Dependancy Module - DirectX9C_June2010 release

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  • Download and Install Dependancy Module - DirectX9C_June2010 release

    Download and Install Dependancy Module - DirectX9C_June2010 release

    This module detects for and if required, downloads and installs
    the official June 2010 release DirectX runtime files

    note: this module supports the full redistributable package only.

    note: Scripted to Not support Windows 8 (6.2)

    note: the runtime files do not interfere with DirectX 10 or 11 files
    that may exist on the system eg: Windows 7

    please read the supported OSs in the Module description.
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    hi sorry i need to ones modulles for install DirectX9 befor install main setup ! but i need to run DirectX9 file on the main setup !! i dont want to download from internet!!!


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      AnyBody Can't Hlep me??????!!!!


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        wow -- anger to boot -- Try using the module & modify it to use a local copy and include it as a primer file.


        • #5
          can not run in windows 8

          can not run in windows 8.
          how to use in windows 8 ..


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            Hi Eagle,

            it would be great if you could once again look into the module an update it to Win 8 if possible. Many, many thx,



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              The installer "directx_Jun2010_redist.exe" works fine on Windows 8, although this operating system is not listed on the product page. Comment out the test for Windows 8 (version 6.2) in the detection script, on or near line 67, rebuild and test the installer, making sure that nothing got broken.

              I don't have Windows Server 2012 to verify proper working, so perhaps you could add a test for a supported ProductType, until somebody confirms that there is no problem as well.



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                Hi there,

                Thanks for your help Jass and Ulrich, i have not been following this thread for a while ...

                Here's the modified version of this Module which allows for version 6.2
                (Windows 8 and Server 2012) with No 'product type' filtering.

                Warning this Module is Untested on Server 2012, however the word is on several
                2012 forums that the June 2010 dx9c redist will install and is known to self update
                via Windoz update.

                Directx version on Windows 8 and 2012 is currently at 11.1

                Give it a go and provide feedback as Ulrich has mentioned...
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                Last edited by Eagle; 01-16-2013, 07:19 PM.


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                  Here's the modified version of this Module which allows for version 6.3
                  (Windows 8.1 and Server 2012 core update) with No 'product type' filtering.
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                    How do I use this module? We need to confirm that DirectX version is at least 9c using the 2010 update... if not, we want to redirect the user to the microsoft website...



                    • #11
                      Originally posted by Staggan View Post
                      How do I use this module?
                      Download the provided zip file, decompress it, and copy the XML file to #SUFDIR#\Dependencies. Add dependency "DirectX 9.0 (C) June 2010 Download-Install" to your project, read what Eagle wrote on the Information tab, and modify the scripts on the Detection and Installation tabs if you want or need.



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                        will look into Windows 10 compatability and update this module if needed, when the time comes ..


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                          Here's the modified version of this Module which supports ALL Systems
                          from Windows XP and Beyond, with No 'product type' filtering.

                          The Dx9C installer creates a system restore point by default and will
                          control internally if can be installed on Windows 10 and beyond.

                          (you can still control what Systems via the System Requirements setting )
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