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Free helper program speeds up SUF scripting dramatically.

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  • Free helper program speeds up SUF scripting dramatically.

    Free helper program speeds up SUF scripting. SUF-FIX.exe :lol

    SUF and LUA are very fussy about case. We find we spend far too much time debugging upper and lower case issues in SUF keywords and variables. For partially disabled persons like me, it is very tiresome to have to switch case up to four times in a single word, and very tiresome to get runtime errors because of case mistakes. The built-in intellisense is somewhat helpful but still needs a conscious typing effort to use it on every word.

    So we created a little solution which I'm sharing free. Load our little suffix.exe program which is invisible and is activated by hotkey CONTROL-ENTER. Use SUF as normal. Just don't worry about case - just type all your script in lower case, or convert to lower case with right-click-advanced. Then press CONTROL-ENTER. Your whole script will be instantly reformatted with correct upper and lower case for all keywords, global variables, and built-in session variables. All other words will remain lower case. This means all your private variables will be lower case, which we feel is a good idea to distinguish them from the SUF and LUA variables which always begin with uppercase characters.

    To terminate the program just press CTRL-ALT-ESC. The program has no visible GUI.

    The program comes with an ASCII text syntax file of 588 SUF keywords, which you can edit if you want. You can add your own words to it, and whatever case you use will be honored by the suffix.exe program.

    As a bonus, the program will automatically prettify your code with proper indentation of all control structures for easier reading and debugging.

    No installation required. Just copy the exe and the syntax file to your PC and double-click the exe to start it. It will ask you where the syntax file is, then disappear discretely while you work with Setup Factory. You won't even know its there till you press CTRL-ENTER on a code window.

    Tested on SUF 9.1. Will probably work on other versions. Download and use absolutely free from (or Absolutely no trojans, virus, malware, etc. Clean and safe.