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Bug in Registry.GetValue for REG_MULTI_SZ values

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  • Bug in Registry.GetValue for REG_MULTI_SZ values

    Apparently this has been a known issue for years but still is not resolved in SUF 9.5.1.

    Specifically I am referring to this operation:

    reg = Registry.GetValue(HKLM, "SYSTEM\\CurrentControlSet\\Control\\Session Manager", "PendingFileRenameOperations");

    It is easy to reproduce by calling File.DeleteOnReboot twice. The Registry Value looks like this:

    -- 4 binary zeros ---
    -- 4 binary zeros --
    -- 2 binary zeros --

    The returned string should look like this:
    "\??\c:\mydir\myfile1.dll||\??\c:\mydir\myfile 2.dl l|"

    However, it actually looks like this:

    The problem also exists in Wow64.RegistryGetValue.

    Any update on if and when this will be fixed?

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    This was submitted as a bug report, thank you.


    PS: I may have worked around this issue in the plugin, but this needs to be tested with other registry keys where there are no multiple null chars in the middle of the strings. Click image for larger version

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