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Crypto causing shutdown / irsetup.exe blocked

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  • Crypto causing shutdown / irsetup.exe blocked

    Hi Ulrich

    Crypto causing shutdown during the last step when it installs files and you see the progress bar. But the customer says there is only 2 folders out of like 8 that should be there. Please help not much i can share from my end.

    This is what a customer is saying. Could it be a W11 thing as this is new?
    • Any recommendations for my above issue installing?The installer runs, starts to install files then quits at the RNAVNAV.js file. There is a flysimware_Cessna_414A folder that's in the NavSystems folder but it's empty. It seems the installer is directing this folder: _ir_sf_temp. to my chris\appdata\ temp. folder but the files within are not being extracted to the sim? In this temp folder there are some jpg. files and a couple of Imd. files that are not being directed to the sim when the installer runs. Then when I check the windows events log I see a (irsetup.exe) error in the windows log. Not sure why they are being blocked or redirected then not installed. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks. (edited)