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    I recently had a hdd failure while working on SUF. The autosave directory got corrupted plus my main suf file, I had backups from a week ago so I only lost about 50 new lies of code. It would be great if either a secondary folder can be chosen to copy the autosave files to so they are saved to the project folder plus the secondary folder at the same interval as the normal autosave or allow the user to choose the location for the Autosave directory e.g. a different drive than the project folder to mitigate any catastrophe.


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    Honestly, this is something that I do not see to be implemented. There are several tools available which could copy files from the Autosave folder to another location, or even multiple locations.

    If you need a secondary copy of your backup files, you could use a symbolic link or directory junction easily, without the need for any changes in the software or third party software, if you use Google Drive, OneDrive or a similar service. Here is a quick example, how you can create a copy in the cloud (OneDrive) of the Autosave sub folder of "D:\eSupport", and have it synced automatically as long as your OneDrive client is running.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	SCRN-2023-05-29-01.png Views:	0 Size:	12.5 KB ID:	310373

    D:\eSupport>mklink /d /j "D:\OneDrive\Documents\Project Backups\eSupport" D:\eSupport\Autosave
    Everything saved in "D:\eSupport\Autosave" (the autosave folder for projects edited in eSupport) is also linked with "D:\OneDrive\Documents\Project Backups\eSupport", where it will be synced with the cloud using OneDrive. Even in case of a catastrophic failure of the HD/SDD without a recent backup, you would have copies saved in the cloud provider.

    Another approach could be using a product like Syncovery, GoodSync or similar.



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      Thanks for the suggestions I'll set up something up.