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    Today (July 27, 2011) we have released a new version of Setup Factory (v9.0.3.0). Commercial users can download the new full installer from your customer portal.

    An update to the Personal Edition will be available in a few days and can be accessed by choosing from Help > Check for Update.

    This release contains the following features and bug fixes:
    • Feature: Added 2 new session variables, %LaunchUserName% and %LaunchUserDomain%.
    • Feature: Added a new Debug.SendToFile action to let the developer store debug information in a text file, instead of being forced to write the information to the debug window.
    • Fix: Fixed a bug where Custom Progress screens were not working properly during the Before Installing and After Installing stage.
    • Fix: Fixed a bug where Edit Field controls using the Input mask Input Style were not using their session variable to properly initialize themselves.
    • Fix: Added a warning to stop developers from entering invalid characters in the setup filename of the build settings.
    • Fix: Made it so that Setup Factory would attempt to import project files larger than 10Mb instead of simply failing.
    • Fix: Fixed a bug where the Turkish language xml files were saved with the incorrect character encoding.
    • Fix: Made it so that new Setup Factory projects will not create uninstall shortcuts in the Start menu by default. This is in response to guideline changes made by Microsoft.