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    I have been trying to create a more modern look and feel to our installers.
    We need the installer to have a similar look and feel to our software.

    Are there any plans to improve the features of the screen editor ?
    If so, what timelines are we looking at ?

    The current controls are reminiscent of windows 98 !

    Even adding the option of bitmap/image buttons would be *huge* improvement ... with different up/down/rollover glyphs. .... and turning off the "3D" text effects on the buttons.


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    Oh wel ...

    After a week of no response I was starting to question if this product was still supported ... *BUT* having received a email to upgrade to the latest version I'm guessing at least the sales dept is still functioning !!


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      This is a user to user forum. If you want an official response, open a ticket.


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        Originally posted by jassing View Post
        This is a user to user forum. If you want an official response, open a ticket.
        Are you serious ??
        It is a suggestions forum ... surely can't be considered as user to user


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          how quickly this deteriorated -- you wanted an official response. The suggestions may get read and not replied to; just noted. they may get read once a month -- who knows -- all I did was suggest you open a ticket if you want a response. Personally, I would just move on.


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            I guess with 3124 posts you think of yourself as captain? school principle? elderly guru ?
            We agree on one thing ... you should move on.


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              Cravr, I for one over the years and different accounts before owning a ir producted clocked way more posts then jassing and he is 100% right the forum is community driven staff are very rare to posting even back in the good old days it was rare for them to reply to even major bugs posted via the forum, this is what the ticket system is for, dont give up hope tho your ideas are valid and i am sure taken on board but also take in to account software changes that will affect everyone will only happen after enough ask for it and research has been done, i cant see a full question asked by your self as i used this software in the past and you can edit the hel out of it, dont rely just on the wized to create something custom.

              Also try a little tact in your post from now on i rarely find posts shocking but today i was shocked to your reply to a member trying to help you twice
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