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  • Imported language files


    I modified a couple of language xml files (namely, for English and Japanese languages) and saved them in a subdirectory of my setup project. Then I took out the existing language file paths from the list in the Language dialog and placed my xml's using Import button instead.

    So instead of the initial language list:

    <Setup Factory Directory>\Languages\English.xml
    <Setup Factory Directory>\Languages\Japanese.xml

    I got:

    <My Project Directory>\Languages\English.xml
    <My Project Directory>\Languages\Japanese.xml

    I saved the project and built my setup file ok.

    Then I closed my SF project and opened it again after a while, and re-built the setup file again with some minor changes. Then I got a complain from my customer that some of the Japanese phrases were shown as their symbolic names. I opened my project and found the language file paths reset to their original locations:

    <Setup Factory Directory>\Languages\English.xml
    <Setup Factory Directory>\Languages\Japanese.xml

    Ok, I could reset them by mistake. I replaced them by the correct paths again, saved the project, closed it, then re-opened. And again, my language file paths were replaced back to their originals in the Setup Factory folder!

    What am I doing wrong? Should these language paths be corrected every time when the project is opened?

    Thank you,

    Alexey Guryev

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    I have submitted this issue a couple of months ago, and it should be looked into during the next update of Setup Factory.
    For now, update the language files in #SUFDIR#\Languages directly.