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Setup Factory - Project Settings not being saved.

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  • Setup Factory - Project Settings not being saved.


    I've have been using SF 9 for only a short while (after a couple of demos).

    It's a great tool, and I have used it to successfully build a project to copy a large quantity of files to a mobile device (not a software installation as such).

    I have found (and I'm not sure when this started), that now when I edit any parameters (such as Background Window settings) on the Project Settings window, they are not saved when I save my project.

    ie. I load my project (which is working fine), but make changes to the Project Settings - Background Window and Custom Icon settings. If I buiold at this point, I get my changes incorporated.

    I save the project. I check the settings - still there.

    I open another project, then close it.

    I re-open the original project. My Project Settings changes are gone!

    I'm not sure when this started happening, I just noticed with one of my builds that there was no background window...

    Does anyone have any ideas?


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    I just noticed that there has been a previous post regarding this, and it has been entered into bug tracking etc. for future fix.

    Feel free to ignore...


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      Also, a fix is in the works, but there is no release date yet. It shouldn't take too long, though.

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